Reunion 2019, Meeting Minutes Beach Jumper Memorial Monument Dedication 10th Anniversary Reunion Ocracoke Island, NC 1. Meeting called to order, President Markaverich on May 25, 2019 at 4:30pm 2. Pledge of Allegiance 3. Roll call of officers/directors President Larry Markaverich present Vice President Paul Fisher excused/not feeling well (at reunion) Arms Roger Mills absent Chaplain vacant ____ BOD Roy Havekost + Sectry-Treas. present BOD Carl Kilhoffer + Treasurer present BOD Wayne Miller present BOD Tim Slattery present BOD Dave Glaza absent Membership Chairmn.Ray O’Hara present 4. Reading of previous meeting minutes (May 2017), motion and second to accept as presented, passed unanimously. 5. NO VOTE NEEDED this meeting, OFFICERS EXPIRE DATE IS 2020. 6. NO VOTE NEEDED this meeting, CURRENT DIRECTORS EXPIRE DATE IS 2022. 7. Finance report – Havekost General checking account starting balance for Jan. 2018 $4,023.53 Operational expenses for 2018, website, domains, telephone, postal mailbox, postage, stationary etc. $ 1,196.92 Ending balance for 2018 $ 2,826.61 Starting balance for January 2019 $ 2,826.61 Deposits from PayPal for dues, reunion deposits, coin sales, etc $    719.38 Deposit for Dajio’s Restaurant $    500.00 Balance to Dajio’s for luncheon $ 1,107.60 Plaque for Dajio from Association $      69.55 Misc. refreshments for Community Center gatherings $      72.75 Wreath for Memorial Ceremony $    150.00 Balance $ 1,646.09 Current balance in PayPal account (dues, etc.) $ 1,037.00 Rental fee Community Center (not yet paid) $    175.00 Reunion coin sales 30@$10 each $    300.00 Donation ( Alan VanBladel ) $    100.00 Ending balance at reunion May 26, 2019 $ 3,258.09 A motion and second was made to accept as reported, passed unanimously. Note: the approximate administrative costs each year for the association are about $1500. The costs include website operation(650), three domain registrations (90), phone (50), postal mailbox (250), stationary-postage-id cards-office supplies (500). A decline in dues paying members was also noted, so far this year only 70 members have paid to date 70@23.97= $1,677.90 based on payment thru PayPal. The dues issue had been discussed at the Executive Board meeting the night before and changes will be implemented on the website in an attempt raise association interest. 8. Unfinished business (at Exec. Board meeting): a. Ray O’Hara gave a summary report on membership standings. Changes will be being made to the website to be able to display member name and unit information to the general public (no phone, address or email) in an effort to rekindle association interest. Phone, address and email information will still only be available in the secure members only section of the website. b. Future reunions were discussed at length at the Executive Board meeting and it was suggested to table any further discussion at the general meeting until the changes with the website determines future interest. We will be looking into possibly a more centralized location between the coasts. More will follow and be announced on the web and facebook. c. A proposal by Roy Havekost to explore the possibility of securing a permanent website presence on the internet for the next ten years or more was discussed. He will move forward to determine all costs involved and report back to the EBoard in the future. d. Wayne Miller is tasked with contacting the UDT-SEAL Association to pursue the i dea of having a Beach Jumper display at their museum in Florida. The board will communicate via email on this re. any progress etc. Roy Havekost will contact Vera Fairbanks to determine if any contract or agreement exists with her and the National WWII Museum in New Orleans with reference to Capt. Fairbanks and other personal items that were loaned to them for display purposes. More will be reported on this museum presence endeavor via the website and facebook once approved/disapproved by the Board. 9. New business: There was no new business brought before the meeting. 10.Memorial remembrance: Fifty six (56) names of members, who had passed since the 2009 Ocracoke reunion, were read followed by a bell toll after each name. It should be noted here that 14 of these members had previously trained on Ocracoke during WWII, and many of them had attended the 2009 memorial dedication. May they RIP, they are not forgotten. 11. Motion was made to adjourn meeting, 6:00pm. Roy Havekost, Association Secretary, Board of Directors Chairman
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