U.S. Navy Beach Jumpers Association By-Laws (adopted July 2004 and modified as indicated)  1. NAME: The name of this association is the 'U.S. Navy Beach Jumpers Association',   hereinafter referred to as Association. This Association shall be a non- profit organization of navy shipmates.   2. OBJECTIVES: a. The main objective will always be to perpetrate the recognition and memory of Navy Beach Jumpers. b. To locate new members and facilitate comradeship among all members. c. To maintain a comprehensive electronic internet website whereby the history of Navy Beach Jumpers may be conveyed. To keep current membership updated with Association activities. To search for former Beach Jumpers, not yet members of the Association. d. To organize and carry out reunions and other events for the membership of the Association.   3. CONSTRAINTS: a. The powers of this Association shall rest with its members. These powers shall be exercised on behalf of the membership by the Officers and Board of Directors of the Association. Collectively the Officers and Board members shall be known as the Executive Board. b. No part of the net earnings of the Association shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to, any member, trustee, officer or other private person(s), except that the Association shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered, and to make payments and distributions in the furtherance of the purposes set forth in Section 2 hereof. c. The Association shall not endorse, use propaganda or otherwise attempt to influence legislation that is not directly to the Association. Such endorsements must first be approved by the Board of Directors and Officers of the Association. d. The Association shall not participate in, make statements or publications, nor be used to endorse any political campaign or candidate for public office   4. MEMBERSHIP: Regular membership is limited to any active, retired or honorably discharged navy personnel: a. who was assigned to a Navy Beach Jumper Unit between 1943 and 1972, or b. who was assigned to Fleet Composite Readiness Group, Atlantic or Pacific, or c. who was assigned to Fleet Tactical Deception Group, Atlantic or Pacific, or d. who was assigned to Fleet Electronic Warfare Support Group, or e. who was assigned to Command and Control Warfare Group, Atlantic or Pacific, or f. who was assigned to Fleet Tactical Readiness Group, or g. who was assigned to Fleet Information Warfare Center.  (Amended 11-07-2006) h. who was or is currently assigned to Navy Information Operations Command. between 2005 - March 2018 (Amended 11-07-2006) i.  who was or is currently assigned to Naval Information Warfare Training Group (IWTG) between March 2018 - present (Amended 2018) Associate membership is limited as follows: a. Widows and widowers of Association members may obtain an associate membership. b. A spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandchild, nephew or niece of an Association member may obtain an associate membership. c. Relatives (as mentioned above) of deceased Beach Jumpers who were not Association members, may obtain associate membership. d. A person, who shows an overwhelming interest in the Association, has had a past contact or relationship with Navy Beach Jumpers and would be an asset to the Association,  as determined by a four fifths vote of the Board of Directors.  (Amended 11-07-2006) Membership constraints: a. Member in good standing, is a current dues paying member. This member is eligible to hold office and vote on Association matters. b. Member-at-large, is a member who is not current in paying dues. This member is not eligible to hold office or vote on Association matters. c. Associate members will not pay dues. This member will not be eligible to hold office or vote on Association matters or attend association reunions. (Amended 11-24-2009) d. Termination of membership is by resignation, death or a four fifths vote of the Board of Directors to remove a member.   5. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: a. In order to provide direction, continuity and control of the operations of the Association, a Board of Directors shall be established. The Board will be elected at the annual reunion meeting. The Board shall consist of five (5) members, a Chairman and four (4) members. The Chairman will be elected by the Board members. b. The Board should consist of members whose expertise, experience and knowledge will assist the Officers in the administration of the objectives and goals of the Association. c. The Board shall be responsible to select and nominate a slate of candidates for the positions of Association Officers. Election of those nominated shall take place at the reunion meeting. d. Term of office shall be five (5) years beginning on January 1 and expiring on December 31. There shall be no limit to the number of terms a member may hold office.  (Amended 11-07-2006) e. Vacancies in office prior to the scheduled expiration of the term will be filled by an eligible member approved by the remaining Board members. f. If no meeting is held in the year when the term for a Director expires, the term shall continue in full force and effect until the next scheduled general membership meeting. (Added 11-12-2011)   6. OFFICERS: The following officers shall be elected at the annual reunion meeting, from a slate presented to the membership by the Board of Directors: a. President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined and held by one member. b. Term of office shall be three years, beginning on the first of the month immediately preceding the election and expiring at the end of the calendar year,  thirty-six (36)months thereafter.  (Amended 11-07-2006) c. The President will direct and monitor the daily business of the Association. He/she shall serve as the Chief Officer of the Association,  preside over all Association meetings and perform the duties and responsibilities associated with that office. d. The Vice President shall assume all the duties of the President in his/her absence. The Vice President shall perform the duties and responsibilities associated with that office and assist the President as needed. e. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings, a membership roster of members, all correspondence and other necessary paper work as it pertains to the Association. The Secretary shall perform the duties and responsibilities associated with that office. f. The Treasurer shall keep all of the financial records of the Association. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of dues and other funds, maintain receipts and disbursements, pay authorized Association  bills in a timely manner, provide the President with a quarterly report and the membership with an annual report at the reunion meeting. g. The position of Chaplain will be created under this section. The Chaplain shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Executive Board. The Chaplain shall continue to serve at the pleasure of the Board.  (Added 11-07-2006) h. The Sergeant at Arms shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Executive Board. The SAA will continue to serve at the pleasure of the Board.  Duties of the SAA shall be to maintain order at all association functions and meetings, present the national colors when appropriate, and execute other functions as directed by the President. (Added 11-24-2009) i. If no meeting is held in the year when the term for an Officer expires, the term shall continue in full force and effect until the next scheduled general membership meeting. (Added 11-12-2011)       7. MEETINGS: a. At least one general membership meeting will be held annually at the time of each reunion. b. The President shall call a caucus meeting of the Executive Board prior to a general membership meeting and again if necessary after a general membership meeting. c. Association meeting shall be conducted in accordance with 'Roberts Rules of Order'. d. The President or Chairman of the Board may call a meeting of the Executive Board as necessary in an emergency. Collaboration in an emergent matter may be accomplished via telephone and/or emails between all members of the Executive Board. e. Any motion made at a meeting must be seconded before being put to a vote. A plurality vote of the eligible members present is need for a motion to pass.   8. DUES: a. Annual dues shall be set by the Executive Board, the amount based on the financial needs of the Association. Dues will be $25.00 annually. b. Dues will be for the calendar year of January 1 through December 31. c. Dues shall  be to help attain the goals and objectives of the Association. (Amended 11-07-2006) d. Any World War II member shall be exempt from annual dues at his discretion.  (Added 11-07-2006) e. Members whose dues is in arrears shall make a payment of the current years dues plus one year to be brought back into good standing status. (Added 10-24-2009 has been applicable since 2007 at direction of BoD) f. Members who reach the age of 80 are exempt from annual dues, at their own discretion. (Added 10-24-2009)   9. DONATIONS, MATERIALS AND FUNDS: a. Monetary donations will be accepted by the Association. A separate report of all donated funds will be made quarterly to the President and annually at the reunion meeting. b. Materials donated to the Association or purchased with Association funds shall become the sole property of the Association and shall actively or constructively come under the control or custody of the Secretary for use by the Association. 10. COMMITTEES: a. A reunion committee shall be appointed at the annual reunion meeting. The committee shall consist of a coordinator and as many members as deemed necessary. A reunion location should be voted on at this meeting. b. The President may from time to time create committees to help further the goals and objectives of the Association. 11. AMENDMENTS: a. The bylaws may be amended at a reunion meeting by a plurality vote of the eligible members present. b. These bylaws are available to the membership on the Association web site located at www.beachjumpers.com/. © Drafted in September 2003 © Adopted July 17, 2004 © Amended July 16, 2005 © Amended 11-07-2006 © Amended 11-24-2009 © Amended 11-12-2011
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