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This website is dedicated to all who proudly served as a Beach Jumper...





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LT Roy S. Coutinho, BJU1
SN/1c John Harris, BJU11
DC3 Robert Woodruff, BJU1
RMSN Wayne Larry, BJU2
RM3 Dorsey L. Gower, BJU2
RM2 Craig Wert, BJU2
EN3 Ronnie Williams, BJU1
SK3 Loren Hanks,

LT William Lamm, BJU1

SN Larry Marlatt, BJU2

RM2 Larry Goodreau, BJU1
RD3 Ernest Moore, BJU2








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WDW Coronado Springs Resport, Orlando, Florida


OK Beach Jumpers May 18-21, 2017..."It's back to Coronado"
at Disney for our 75th Anniversary Celebration Reunion.




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RM2 Rick Barber

BJU-2,  1971-73


d. 4/22/2017


"Fair winds and following seas" 


(notified 4/3/17)





SN Arthur Henoch

BJU-3,  1943-46   WWII


d. 1/22/2016


"Fair winds and following seas" 


Memorial page to follow


(notified 4/3/17)


Death notices are posted for 30 days from the date the association is notified.

The BJA Memorial page has some newly updated personal page

links of some of our members who have passed away.
here to view.
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Beach Jumpers

were U.S. Navy tactical cover and deception units which were organized under Admiral H.K. Hewitt, then Commander of Amphibious Forces and all U.S. Naval Forces in Northwest African waters and the Western Mediterranean.

The concept for Beach Jumpers came about as a result of then Lieutenant Douglas Fairbanks Jr., the Hollywood actor turned naval officer during World War II and having been detached from "Blue Water" duty on the high seas and assigned to duty with British Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten and the Combined Operations Commandos in England.



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